Transformers Starscream Toy

There’s definitely one villain that we love to hate and the world of Transformers is not any different from that. Just like any other villain in our favorite shows, Transformers has its version of a villain we all love to hate. We introduce to you the whiniest Decepticon of all them “Starscream”. If you haven’t met Starscream yet then it’s about time you get to know him. He is a Decepticon who is hated by many but is also an amazing villain in the history of the Decepticon lineage. He wants to replace “Megatron” who is the leader of the villain robots but doesn’t really enough know-how on accomplishing such task. Starscream is a flyer which sets it apart from other transformer robots. Most transformer robots transforms from a car to a robot, while Starscream transforms from a jetplane. Pretty cool! Right?


Let’s take of the different Starscream robots. Starscream has a lot of version because he looked totally different from the cartoons and in the blockbuster movies, unlike Bumblebee who was all yellow in both versions with only a little variation.


Transformers Deluxe Classic StarscreamThe first Starscream which we would like you to see is the deluxe classic version of the robots which first appeared in the Classic Cartoon series. It’s the exact replica of the cartoon version. Although this may not be one of the current transformers robots now that are very electronic and has many other features to play around with, this starscream is one of the many rare classic transformer toys because most were already replaced by the monochromatic Starscream version which is what we saw in the movies. This toy cost just as much to all transformers enthusiast out there and to all passionate robot collectors. Get Transformers Deluxe Classic Starscream


Transformers Generations - TG09 StarscreamThe second Starscream is also one of the classics but a modified one with improvised colors and weaponries. It’s imported directly from Japan which makes it even more legit. The only downside to this Starscream is that it doesn’t have much features to play around with and will probably end up on shelves. A very good collector items though. If we are talking about rarity then this one is, extremely rare.! Get Transformers Generations – TG09 Starscream


Transformers Voyager StarscreamLast but not the least is Transformer Voyager Starscream which is what much closer to that in the movies. Unlike the other two robots which were desgined based on the classic cartoon series. This Starscream has a lot to show compared to the two. You can play around with its weaponries. Missiles and Guns, you name them. This Starscream has it all. Starscream transformation is an extreme well-though enginerring, I commend HasBro for doing that. This starscream has quite an unusual proportions to its body but I don’t think that it does really matter. It’s Starscream after all.! Get Transformers Voyager Starscream


To rank it all up, Starscream toys has many variations, it’s up to you to pick one from those, whether the one from the movies or the one from the classic cartoons or you could just get both. Starscream is a great High-Flyer Decepticon! go and grab one before stocks runs out!!.