transformers energon toys

Transformers are also now part of the huge energon line collection.  Energon class toys are very much unique and unlike any collectibles that we know so far. Energon toys comes in different style and most of them are designed in a different manner. For instance bumbebee naturally comes in yellow but with Energon Line , he might come in differently and combined with different aesthetics which is why the Energon line is very much sensitive to critics. Energon toys also comes in with a combination of two figures (robots) to make it a totally new looking figure. Energon toys are just different but most of their products are build from very sturdy material, either plastic, metal and some are even in chrome. It’s great that transformers is now a part of this very succesful toy line.

First Tranformer energon toys which is also one of the very first transformer toy they released is the Transformers Energon Optimus Prime Electronic Action Figure.  Optimus Primes looks very much different here compared to the original Optimus Prime that we know, as I;ve said Energon lines makes alterations to the overall aesthetics of their toy models and Optimus wasn’t an exception to that but  I atest to you that it doesn’t gives it a minus to it’s class and durability.

Transformers Energon Optimus Prime Electronic Action Figure


  •         It’s Transformer Energon Optimus Prime Action Figure
  •         Has activated battle sounds on vehicle mode
  •         Has a comic book and a collector card freebies included
  •         Doesn’t only tansform to a vehicle, it also transform to a tower with a Helpad
  •         Amazing Playability
  •         Great influency, creativity and cordonation
  •         It transforms into a super Optimus Prime


  •         Lacks creativity on truck mode
  •         Looks quite differently to the original Optimus Prime


Transformers Energon Deluxe Hot Shot

Our Second Energon toy is Transformers Energon Delux Hot Shot .  Hot Shot is one of the autobots and as being drawn into the Energon Toy Line, he too wasn’t excluded in some of Energon changes to it’s aesthetics.


  •         One of the best Energon toy to own
  •         Combine with inferno
  •         Very Articualate aesthetics in car mode and robot form
  •         Many Features to play around with


  •         Simple and Plain


Hasbro released the Transformer Energon toys to create a new environment for all robot collectors. Most of energon toys looks a bit different to it’s original form and some even are combinations of two robots but what I can say is, Energon toys are made very strong materials and I never expected that even some of it’s toys has a chrome covering on it’s plate(referring to Optimus Prime). What’s there for you to collect when you have already collected all transformer robots, then maybe you should consider collecting energon toys. They’re very unique and classy and don’t just think that they’re different. They’re transformers after all, they do TRANSFORM!!.  Now is your chance to pick the best energon toys and we just gave you two of their very wide collection of transformer energon toys. Grab all of them!!.

Best Transformers Toys