transformer toy reviews

You might having a hard time picking up the best robot in town or maybe you just couldn’t decide which one suits you. Well It’s about time you start looking deeper into your choices and we are here to help you with that. Let’s start looking at these toys. They may all look different in appearance and you might pick the ones that look really fancy because of its very robotic look but there’s more to them than just appearances. Of course you pick the robots that you like most, say you really liked “Optimus Prime” so you would be looking for an Optimus on every place you could possibly find but you actually going to miss a few good robots just because you are focusing on finding one. That’s not how a robot collector is.

best Optimus Prime toyTake a look at Optimus Prime.  It’s the best looking of all of them right?. That’s because it was designed to do just that.  Be very mindful that the Optimus Prime you are looking at now is a replica from the movie “Dark of the Moon”. Most Optimus Prime robot doesn’t have extended wings because they were never show in the earlier movies but this one sets it apart from other robots but also it has issues with its wings because of its massive size.


bumblebeetoyThe two Bumblebee’s are very much apart from each other even when they share the same robot name/model. The first one was the HasBro model which is much more of a collector’s item than just a toy, little toddlers could play with. It’s very well crafted and is aesthetically designed to replicate Bumblebee in the transformer movies. The cost is well deserved considering how it was made and what it is made from. It’s very electronic and can even be in motion in a single press of a button.

Hasbro Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee FigureIt’s an amazing pick and you wouldn’t regret picking one. The second model has freebie! That gives it a plus. It’s very much rare to be able to get two robots in one package. It has a free deluxe starscream robot that can also transform into a vehicle. This one is an amazing choice for little children. It’s a not very difficult toy to deal with plus they could get to play with two robots right after you buying the whole package. Overall, they’re two robots with different features but of the same kind.



Transformers Dark Of The Moon Mechtech Leader Class IronhideLast one is Ironhide and is by far one of the best looking of its kind. It has an amazing look compared to other ironhide robots. It has much more hidden features that are not written in the description. It has multiple weapons on its legs and some hidden ultimate weaponries on its chests. It also has blasters on its vehicular form which is an amazing addition to the robot design. We have made a thorough review on this robot go check it out!.


These robots are very much different but they belong to one same group which are the Autobots!. They are the good guys in the movie. Go and check them out!! ,