transformer game reviews


Transformers is indeed a very successful franchise that is why there is no limit to its varied merchandises. We started with collectible robots which are very much reminiscent to the actual robots in the movies and classic series. We also had video games to even go further the feels of being into the world of Cybertron. However some kids may not be old enough yet to have those products, which is why we would introduce to you mini transformer games for little children to play around with.


The  following reviews are for the transformers game available online. Read them thoroughly so you would be able to understand the features.



First one is the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box Game System. It’s a very unique console considering its shape and structure. It’s basically a game console which you can connect to a TV and  play a simple video game for children.



-          Connects to a TV

-          Wireless game Controller

-          Unique game console structure

-          Can get more games from beat

-          Offers both action figure and video-game play

-          An additional action figure is included (Optimus Prime) which appears and disappears with a press of a button

-          Includes five different games


-          Not recommended for adults



The next game which we are going to review is Transformers Rescue Bots Memory Game – Learning Educational Memory Game Playskool Heroes For Ages 3 and Up. It’s a completely different game from the first one. This is a card game which can boost up Kids memory. This a very much simpler game compared to the first one. Let’s take a further look to the ups and downs of this game.



-          You can play immediately.

-          No reading required

-          Manufactured by one of the leading transformer merchandise sellers, HasBro

-          Educational and Fun

-          Includes 48 Transformers rescue bot pictures to play and match around

-          Can be played by one or more players which encourages social interaction

-          Enough pieces for multiple kids to play

-          Simple and Fun

-          Very socially engaging

-          Boost up your memory

-          Great game for the family


-          Not manufactured for hardcore gamers

-          Simple card game only


Transformers games are varied. We already introduced to you the hardcore video games earlier which is now we are giving the simple games which is going to be good for the family. Bear in mind that what we are giving you are the best sellers on the internet and we are given great reviews from many customers worldwide. These games are worth the money you will spending and you certainly won’t regret getting one. Transformers games are easier to play around and it encourages social interactions among kids and family members. It’s a great introduction for little children to know more about the world of Autobots and Decepticons without giving them a hard time to understand what it’s really meant to be a part of the Cybertron world. So go ahead and Enjoy the transformer games!.


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