Transformer Animated Toys

transformers is by far one of the most succesful franchise robot movies to date and it is no
wonder that it has a limitless amout of merchandise of all kinds anywhere in
the world. Transformer is not limited to collectibles, it’s also a big box for
animated figures, why? Because they transform!!. Transformer animated toys are
very much unique to collectibles because these are the toys are for real time
playing and not just for standing on shelves and being a part of a large robot
collection. After all not everyone just simply collects, some plays with their
robots. It’s only natural that transformers should provide animated toys.
Moreover, It’s time we take a look at the different transformer robots online.

First stop is Transformers Animated Deluxe Sentinel Prime Action Figure. It’s one of the simplest of it’s kind. Sentinel Prime, (to those who doesn’t have any idea of who he is). He was in the same class as Optimus Prime in the Autobot Academy back in Cybertron Days. Sentinel Prime is commander of the squad of the best autobots in Cybertron which was called the Elite Guards.  He is very strict and very much binded to rules and he also dislikes Optimus Prime’s ways.  So much of who he is, let’s have a look at the toy’s features.

Transformers Animated Deluxe Sentinel Prime Action Figure


  •         Can transform back and forth from robot form to vehicle form and vice versa
  •         Classy color schemes
  •         Sturdy material used
  •         Strong joints so parts won’t fall off, regardless how many times it transforms a day
  •         Really fun to play with


  •         Basic and Simple toy
  •         Recommended for Kids


Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure

Our Second animated toy is Transformers Exclusive Animated Deluxe Figure Rodimus Minor. I think a very few people knows who Rodimus Minor  is especially to those who only watched the movies. Rodimus is actually a prime, I don’t know why they called him Minor in the toy but he is an excellent robot figure.


  •         Manufactured by HasBro(One of the most trusted makers of transformer’s merchandise)
  •         A level 3 advanced conversion
  •         Very Nice Aesthetic  Designs in both robot form and alt mode (Vehicle form)
  •         One of the best looking in the Transformers Collectibles
  •         A rare kind of robot


  •         Not suitable for children ages 4 and below
  •         Not an easy figure for transformation

Transformers Exclusive Animated Deluxe Figure Rodimus Minor

Last Stop but certainly not the least is Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure – Autobot Leader Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime. Almost everyone knows who Optimus Prime is. If you don’t know him then you’re probably not a robot fan. Optimus Prime is the Leader of the Autobots and everyone’s favorite. Let’s take a look at the features of this animated toy.


  •         Made of very Durable Plastics
  •         Paint job is very good
  •         Stands about six and a half inches
  •         Has an an axe that cant transform to blades
  •         Tons of Articulation and Aesthetics
  •         Storage capabilities in alt mode ( vehicle mode)
  •         Very affordable Price


  •         Doesn’t transform into a firetruck like he always used to but transform to a futuristic diesel truck instead
  •         Contains some small chking hazards, not good for very little children ( 3 and below)


Transformer animated toys are very much for kids but some collectors do collect these products because they are simply that good. These toys is well designed for several usage because most of it goes to kids who plays a lot. Grab one transformer animated toy or grab all of them and start collecting!

Best Transformers Toys